Tom Ball

Speaker on Agile Work | Productivity | Crowdfunding

Who is Tom Ball?

I was once told that I am "helplessly in love with people". I rather liked it, and hope it's at least partly true! I love spending time with good people, doing things worth doing.
To me "good" means people that are passionate about life and something that they do - you get "good" people in every walk of life - and often where you least expect them.
I am a passionate innovator - I love building great solutions, great companies. To change industries (aim high!). To achieve "the impossible"

Brief bio

Originally a hardware engineer before migrating to software / web development. I built a 25 person web development firm (CD9) and a dotcom (DomainAudit) - learning how to build technology.

I then spent seven years helping banks and IT companies explain their strategy, learning more about strategy and how to apply technology to solve business problems (Cognac).

I am now taking everything I have learnt to take on a difficult problem, engage disparate communities and with the best geeks I've met, build the technology to enable it (NearDesk).

For fun, I still have a bar and a boardroom on a bus (AllABoardroom), a treehouse in a bedroom and organise events to bring up to 1,000 great people together (Entretain/OpenSoho).

Specialties: Agile Work | Productivity | Crowdfunding 

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On a mission to get a million people working near home one day per week...